Kellison - J4R (1958)

Early Kellisons were sold as barchetta or coupe fibreglass bodies only and designed to be mounted on Corvette underpinnings.  Jim Kellison wanted to offer complete cars to customers for 1958 so contracted Chuck Manning to design a dedicated chassis.  J4 was the very sleek coupe body style and the J4-R was a lighter competition version for racing.   It is thought around 30 of these R specification lightweight bodies were built.  J4-R Chassis number K58J40012 is a surviving example of one such competition body mounted onto its original Kellison chassis.

Built in 1958 and sold directly to a father/son team for in SCCA racing events in America.  The same family kept the car until 1998.  Fitted with a Corvette derived small block 357c.i V8 engine, Chevrolet Saginaw 3 speed gearbox, solid front and rear axles and original dashboard this car is ready for the road and track.  Road registered in France it is also eligible for racing although not in FIA sanctioned competition.  

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