T26 Grand Sport two seater

Talbot Lago - T26 Grand Sport two seater (1950)

This Talbot Lago T26 GS with chassis number 110153 was builtin 1950 and delivered new to the Talbot dealer in Brussels. Its Grand Sport chassis is identical to a 4.5L racing frame but with a 2.65m instead of 2.50m wheelbase. According to Alain Spitz author of Lago Grand Sport, there were only 26 2.65m GS chassis made between 1947 and 1953. The history of this car is included in a book written by P. Abeillon.

The chassis of T26 GS 110153 without the body was located in the Musée de Clères in 1960. The whereabouts of the original body are unknow but are believed to be Saoutchick. The actual aluminium body comes from chassis 110056 piloted by T. Bianchi and built by T. Blight in 1971-2. It is a reproduction of Lemans two-seater.

The car underwent a complete mechanical reconditioning in 2001-2 all documents concerning this revision are included.

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