Grand Prix

Delage - The Bequet - Grand Prix (1923)

This car, chassis 2LCV, was first entered in the 1923 French GP at Tours but failed to complete its debut race.  Driven by top French ace Rene Thomas it led briefly but the experimental 2 litre V12 engine expired on lap 5.  Maurice Bequet purchased the car from Delage in 1924 and installed a Hispano-Suiza 12 litre V8 aero engine for racing; the like of which it still fitted today. 

It continued to compete into the ‘30s and was hidden away during the war.  Post 1945 the car found its way into the hands of a historic aircraft specialist who had purchased it for the engine.  Saved during the ‘70’s by Bugatti collector Hans Matti; 2LCV was then restored by Nigel Arnold-Foster who kept it for many years in the UK and regularly exercised it.  An important part of Delage history and a perfect car for the Goodwood FoS, Revival, MM events as well as VSCC racing.


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