The Vanderveken Establishments

 were created at the end of the Second World War by Annie and her brother Louis Vanderveken together with Steve Grant. Located in Woluwé-St-Lambert in Brussels, they quickly grew under the leadership of Annie Vanderveken, an exceptional woman who understood that determination is one of the keys to success. Her philosophy, life style and hard work inspired all those who knew her and eventually made Annie Vanderveken a celebrity on the Brussels scene.

During the difficult years of the post-war reconstruction, she quickly understood that society is ruled by the principle of need. In cooperation with Grant Motors from London, Vanderveken Establishments started collecting and selling the reusable parts of decommissioned British and American army vehicles. Ultimately, ties with the British side of the business diminished, and the Vandervekens decided to turn to the purchase and sale of luxury and sports cars dating from the beginning of the century. These cars were in high demand by both Belgian and British collectors. The Brussels garage also specialized in demolition work and the recovery of used car parts. It is in this environment that Annie’s son, Paul Grant, was raised.

During the seventies Paul Grant acquired growing responsibilities in the family business, and under his leadership the Vandervekens started to sell ever more prestigious cars, offering a permanent catalogue of high-standard antique and collector items to both Belgian and foreign enthusiasts. Today, Paul Grant still leads the family business, recently joined by his stepson Laurent Dassel. The Vanderveken Establishments are renowned not only in Belgium but also enjoy an international reputation, which is the ultimate reward for their achievements.

Paul Grant

 is the type of man who gathers friends around his fireplace, rekindling a feeling of old times and happiness. Enjoying life to the fullest, he shares his passion for historic cars with anyone who will listen. The family book relates that he was born into an environment dominated by automobiles. During his holidays, the young Paul Grant enjoyed learning mechanics on his own, with a view to upgrading the performance of his cars. Accordingly, he retrieved sports cars from demolition and eventually managed to win the Belgian 4x4 rally championship at the wheel of a Daf Marathon-Gordini. He purchased a Copper S which he used for slaloms and rallies, and drove an M.G.B. prototype prepared by the Brussels coachbuilder Jacques Coune.

But the needs of the family business also required Paul Grant to turn his attention to developing his professional activities such as dismantling cars, using some parts to repair cars for sale and selling the rest as spares. It was, however, thanks to his passionate interest combined with his extensive experience in the field that allowed him to dedicate himself to the purchase, sale and maintenance of antique luxury cars. Over the years, his garage has included such exciting cars as a Talbot Lago, a Lemans, a BMW 328, a Bugatti Type 37 and a few 6-cylinder competition Amilcars, to mention just a few.

But Paul Grant never abandoned his passion for competition. He and his wife, Mary, participated in various historical events organized by British clubs at the wheel of two 6-cylinder Amilcars.

Paul Grant is one of those rare and precious people who know how to network. He does not limit himself to simply selling a car to a customer. Rather, he initiates all those he comes into contact with into a community of antique car collectors and historic car racing enthusiasts. Wherever he goes, he can always count on a friend, or a friend of a friend.

Laurent Dassel

, Mary Grant’s son, having been raised in a family which devoted its life to the business of antique sports and luxury cars, manages the business alongside Paul Grant and represents the third generation to carry on this family tradition. Before joining the Vanderveken Establishments, Laurent studied economics, which provided him with indispensable knowledge in the field of management. He was briefly tempted by a career in the hotel business, but his passion for cars was too strong. It was impossible for him to imagine a life away from the adrenaline-fuelled world of the historical automobile. He joined the family business in 1995, much to the delight of Paul Grant and the founder of the Vanderveken Establishments, Annie Vanderveken.

Without hesitation, Laurent took on the challenge of acquiring expertise in complex techniques, taking a hands-on approach in order to improve his technical knowledge. Five years later, in 2000, he took over the administrative and sales management aspects of the business. His proficiency in computers along with his understanding of internet marketing techniques led him to create the company’s first website. Laurent is much appreciated for his genuine kindness and charming good humour which enhance the expertise and vision with which he will secure the future of Vanderveken Establishments.