Meteor Single seater Formula 2

Veritas - Meteor Single seater Formula 2 (1950)

The original trio which founded Veritas was composed of Lorenz Dietrich, Ernst Loof and Georg Meier. For most people, the real Veritas history is divided into pre and post Meteor racing. The Meteor was the name of the single-seat Veritas racing car and it is this machine which most people think of as central to the Veritas Story. In October 1949 the FIA reinstated German racers for the coming 1950 season, thereby offering the promise of a new Veritas Formula Two car. Karl Kling drove a new Veritas single-seater at a Cologne race late in 1949, a machine equipped with Veritas’ own overhead cam engine. It was this car and the series which it spawned, that became the famous Veritas Meteor, one of Germany’s first successful post war Formula Two machines.

It is with great pleasure that we propose this racing car which is extraordinary both for its line as well as its history. This Veritas Meteor #4207 was driven by Artur Legat in the 1950 Mettet Race. This same year the car was also driven by Hermann Lang at Solitude GP in Germany as well as in the German GP at Nurburgring. In 1951 Artur Legat took part in the GP des Frontières at Chimay.

This Veritas has been in the hands of a single owner for the last 30 years. It comes with a complete dossier concerning all restoration and maintenance work, as well as period pictures, press articles, and archive correspondence between Mr. Legat and the Veritas Company.

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