Formule 3

Viking - Technic - Formule 3 (1976)

In 1976 a very interesting entry into the world of F3 racing was the Viking. The car was produced by team owner Tore John Helle. The aerodynamic design of the car, came from Tore John Helle, working with SAAB Aerodynamicists in Sweden and resulted in a very distinctive and dramatic looking car. Three TH1As were built for the 1976 season, they had a sheet aluminium monocoque, conventional suspension and were Toyota Novamotor powered. The nose design was unusual with a full width aerofoil and separate deflectors in front of the wheels. a large engine cover was used that swept sharply down to the rear where swept back endplate supports were used to attach the rear wing. Best results were wins for Conny Ljungfeldt at Knutsdorp, Falkenberg and Kinnekulle and a heat win at Monaco. Ljungfeldt won the Swedish Championship. In 1977 Toleman bought the Viking TH1A-001 and prepared it four the 1977 season on the name of Technic (TT773-001) but the best result was 11th at Donington Trophy with Rad Dougall. The presented car is race ready and is of course eligible for Monaco GP Historic.

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